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Comprehensive creative and multimedia services that entertain, engage, and promote the development of people and culture.

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• music composition, songwriting, lyrics, sheet music services

• teaching, classes, competitions, workshops, and training in music

• live performance, appearances, modeling, and voice-overs

• music, video, and film production; online music and video

• concerts and production of dramatic works

• photography and videography services

• writing articles and journalism

• organizing community cultural events and educational activities

Sarah Hutchings has provided creative and multimedia services since 2007. She holds three degrees in music—a Bachelor of Music in Commercial and Electronic Music, a Master of Music in Music Theory and Composition, and a Doctor of Musical Arts in Music Composition. She has multiple years of experience in teaching music students in secondary school and higher education environments and continues to offer training in music as well as community events such as master classes, workshops, and live performances. 

Several examples of her services exist online including music journalism articles published by the Palm Beach Post and Palm Beach Daily News, organization of and appearance at cultural events like MH Voice Studio in Concert at the National Opera Center and the International Collegiate Singing Championship competition as a Composer in Residence. Examples of her provided music, photography, videography, and modeling services are displayed throughout her website, Instagram profileYouTube channel, and in feature articles published by the University of Cincinnati among others. Her direction and production of dramatic works have been highlighted by The Glimmerglass Festival, Cincinnati Chamber Opera, Houghton Lyric Theater, and Hartford Opera Theater. Sarah Hutchings regularly composes as a service to others in several genres and styles within commercial and classical music including songs, operas, choral, and chamber works.

To contact Sarah Hutchings about the services listed above, please use this website's contact form or call +1 212-464-7380.

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