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­­Performing and directing Sarah Hutchings’ work is deeply fulfilling because she is an artist who has something say about the human condition. Her characters are multidimensional and complex. It’s music theater driven by authenticity and a clear eye towards what it means to be human in the 21st century. Jennifer Williams, director


There are many hidden gems of 21st century music to discover from composer Sarah Hutchings. Her ability to craft true human emotion through various musical color palettes allows one to easily fall in love with her scores. Christopher Ocasek, conductor,


Sarah Hutchings has a true gift for setting texts, and her accompaniments are intuitive - but still full of elegant surprises - for pianists. It’s always a pleasure working on Sarah’s vocal music. Lauren Servias, pianist


Sarah Hutchings’ compositional style for vocal music is very intuitive and brings the text to life. From her art song to her opera, no matter the subject, she is always working to make the music as real as possible. As a singer, it is a privilege to work with a composer who not only creates but molds her music to fit the voice. Suzannah Waddington, soprano


Sarah’s music is amazingly impassioned and also immediately relatable to the concertgoer, whether they are new to the scene or a seasoned veteran. I had the opportunity to perform one of her compositions, and it was an intensely rewarding experience. Ryan C. Connelly, tenor


Sarah is a bright and clever composer and opera director, and I'm so thankful for her artistic insight and additions to our field. I'm proud to call her a friend and colleague. Jennifer Jolley, composer


It’s obvious that Sarah loves a good story. And that love shines brightly and profoundly when she tells a story through her music, sculpting a narrative that propels the story forward with verve and grace. Mark Campbell, librettist


Sarah Hutchings has a unique ability to combine satire with beauty. Ray Chenez, countertenor


A fine artist and composer. Ladislav Kubík, composer


American composer, Sarah Hutchings writes with a style that is inspired and poignant. In her cycle “On Faith and Life,” she uses vivid musical text painting and a vocal finesse. Timothy McGowan, tenor


Sarah's music is eminently lyrical and an excellent example of the power of contemporary American composer to make the English language as beautiful and expressive as possible. As a collaborator, she is a highly intelligent and well-read woman of our time, an important perspective, and a joy to discuss text and music with. Aleks Romano, mezzo-soprano

I have always been impressed with Sarah's gift of keen senses, her ability to relate, and to translate those senses into human emotion through her art and craft. Alexis Davis-Hazell, mezzo-soprano


Sarah's music is extremely singer-friendly. She obviously spends a lot of time researching and choosing beautiful texts that are all set very uniquely. I loved performing her works and hope to do more so in the future! Mary Hollis-Hundley, soprano

Sarah Hutchings is a very gifted song composer. I have heard her music, sung by her husband, programmed in a DMA recital. The settings were beautifully and musically realized. Robert Swensen, tenor

Dr Hutchings’s music is original and envelops the audience into the story. Her music achieves three goals, any one of which is difficult in its own right: to compose a vocal line which allows for beauty while clearly communicating text, to orchestrate with character and color for every line and instrument, and to synthesize these elements so that the music and drama can work in tandem, as a single entity. She is an excellent and thoughtful musician and are lucky to count her as one of our colleagues. Dan K. Kurland, pianist

It was my great honour to work and sing some of Sarah Hutchings’ vocal music while we were at CCM. Her music is just like her personality, genuine yet connotative. I have learned so much through our work together, and most importantly I am lucky enough to call her as a friend. I truly admire Sarah’s humbleness. A true inspiration, whatever the goals she sets, she conquers them with grace and victory. Xi Wang, soprano

Hutchings' music is accessibly modern, perfectly balancing beautiful melodies with complicated structures. She has the ability to engage the listener emotionally and intellectually, using each instrument full color palette to shine. Alessio Tranchell, conductor

Sarah’s music is rich and gutsy, laced with humor even as it plunges emotional depths. And her skills as a director carry over into her composition, evincing a talent for dramatic storytelling rare among operatic composers today.” Mark Sonnenblick, librettist

In Sarah Hutchings’ song cycle, In Season’s of Life’s Pursuit, piano and voice bring immediacy and depth to Max Ehrmann’s intimate poetry. The melodies aid textual clarity and vocal production while the syntax and harmonic color of the piano interpret the text as it is recited. Several of the songs stand successfully on their own, but presented together they are a significant journey from doubt to almost defiantly optimistic faith in God. Dr. Keith Colclough, bass-baritone

I had the privilege to perform two song cycles by Sarah Hutchings – On Faith and Life and In Seasons of Life’s Pursuit – and I was amazed by the artistry of these works. Her melodies poignantly voice the expressiveness of the poetry, and unfold with naturalness. The piano part is effective in every respect: suitable for the pianist, it creates an ideal balance with the vocal line, never fighting it but always supporting and enriching it. It is my wish to perform more of her song cycles and piano works. Dr. Fabio Menchetti, pianist

I remember the first piece of hers that I heard - a cello piece - that was full of unexpected twists and turns - abstract and substantial. Amanda Consol, stage director

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